How to Choose the Right Faucet

Choosing the right kind of kitchen faucet can be tricky. There are multiple brands, styles, prices, and materials for you to select from. In today’s post, we’ll look at the top faucet brands – from Moen to Kohler to Delta kitchen faucets. We hope today’s post we’ll help you pick the right kind to choose in your home.

Looks Can Be Deceiving

A lot of people choose faucets just based on looks alone – and that’s one of the easiest mistakes you’ll ever make when it comes to buying one. While looks are indeed an important consideration, you can still get a faucet that will match the look and style you are going for without compromising quality, convenience, dependability, and performance. Those practical considerations are just as, if not more, important than what your faucet will look like.

Never Skimp But Don’t Spend Too Much

Generally, you can get a quality bath faucet for at least $70 and a minimum of a hundred for a kitchen faucet. You’ll, of course, find ones that are cheaper, but they might not be of excellent quality. If you are willing to spend more, what you’re paying for are the style and some extra features, not really the durability or dependability.

Here are the essential faucet features you need to be looking for:

  • The height and reach of the spout
  • Conventional vs. pull-down sprayers
  • How many holes there are in the sink
  • Number of handles
  • Height and Reach of the Spout

The spouts will vary in height and reach. There are no right or wrong measurements. A lot of the times, you can simply pick the look you like best, without even really delving deep into the height or reach of the spout. However, if you have a shelf over your sink, a taller spout may not be a good idea since it probably wouldn’t fit. If you have a kitchen sink with multiple bowls, a short-reach spout will not be able to reach all the bowls. A spout with a short reach is not recommended in the bathroom since you might splosh water behind it when you turn the faucet on.

Ceramic Valves

No one likes a faucet that constantly drips. If you want to avoid this kind, get a faucet with ceramic valves. Many types of valves come drip-free for a while; however, with ceramic valves, the drip-free feature is the long-term compared to others. Also, ceramic valves faucets are usually priced the same as the other kinds.

Touch Feature

This is an extra special feature; however, many homeowners are opting for this kind of faucet for its unique innovation. Among faucet brands, it’s Delta that revolutionized this technology. Their Delta Touch2O Technology lets you turn your Delta kitchen faucets on and off with one touch anywhere on the handle or the body.

Moen, on the other hand, stepped the touch innovation up a notch by introducing the touchless faucet experience. The MotionSense™ offers hands-free access and control of the faucet.

Holes in the Sink

Some faucets let you switch from one to two handles. If you want to take advantage of this feature, you have to consider how many holes there are in your sink. Typically, household sinks have three holes: one for the cold handle, one for the hot, and one underneath the spout. Most faucets with one handle have a cover plate to conceal the other holes; some don’t. Thus, it’s always good to check the label. If you have a bathroom faucet with two handles that are a reasonable distance from the spout, you can’t use a single-handle faucet model.

If you prefer a pull-down sprayer for your kitchen faucet, the sprayer will be mounted above the spout; and there’s going to be an empty sprayer hole. You can simply put a soap dispenser to hide the hole. Also, some new faucets even come with one.

Choose the Right Suppliers

Whether you’re going for Moen or Delta kitchen faucets, it’s essential to choose your suppliers wisely. While it’s tempting to go for the big box stores because of their accessibility and cheaper prices, it’s not always the best idea. On the other hand, getting your faucet wares from local plumbing houses, while may be more expensive, is usually the recommendation of experienced plumbers and buyers. Essentially, what you are paying for when you go with local plumbing houses are personalized service and professional assistance when it comes to faucet repair and other plumbing services.